Read Aloud

Four things you can do

to help your child succeed in school -- and in life:

1. Talk to your baby.

Start the day your baby is born.  Brain research tells us babies’ brains are like sponges, soaking up language. The more you talk -- and sing -- to your baby, to more language he or she will absorb.  Baby talk works, too! It you speak a second language, use it.  Baby brains can capture inflections and accents in any language.

2. Read aloud to your child.

Reading aloud is the best way to teach language and help your child learn about the people and places around him/her.  10 minutes a day is all it takes!  Read books, magazines, labels, signs, cereal boxes -- whatever has writing on it (appropriate language, of course).  Reading aloud also gives your true “quality time” with your child. As you snuggle together to read a book, you strengthen bonds that will last through life.  Start reading the day you bring your baby home from the hospital and keep reading until he or she is in high school. Bedtime, naptime, and after meals are favorite times for read-alouds.

3. Read yourself.

Children copy what they see. If you child sees you reading (and writing), he or she will figure out that reading is an important part of daily life.  This is a case of “show, don’t tell.” It doesn’t matter how many times you tell your child to read -- if you don’t set an example, your child will not be a reader.

4. Give your child books.

Books are plentiful and free at your public library. If you don’t have a library card, get one -- they’re free.  Make sure your child has easy access to books -- leave them around the house at his/her level: in baskets, on special shelves, or on low tables.  Books at bedside will keep your little one quiet and occupied while he or she drifts off to sleep.

Teachers can tell within the first week of school which of their students have been read to at home and which haven’t.  Give your child the advantage. The 10 minutes a day spent reading aloud is an investment in the future.  The cost of getting a book from the library -- zero. The value of reading aloud to your child -- priceless!

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